以来”I Will Always Love You” が最も好きな歌となり、ホイットニーが、音楽において自分を前進させる推進力となった。続いて知ったビリー・ホリデーとダイナ・ワシントンがいまのアンジェリーナにとってのインスピレーションになっているが彼女に究極の影響を与え続けているものは、紛れもなくジャズである。

彼女のクリエイティブなキャリアは、TIME Magazine, CNN, BBC, People Magazineなど各国の有力媒体で多く紹介され Little Big Shots や The Viewなどのオーディションも経験。
2014年にはNorway’s Got Talentで優勝を飾った。



Angelina Jordan Astar

Angelina Jordan Astar (also known as Angelina Jordan) is an award-winning and world-renowned Singer & Author based in Norway. Born and raised in Oslo, her passion for the art of music began early on and that unwavering passion has stayed with her ever since.
At the age of one and a half, Angelina was introduced to Whitney Houston via YouTube. “I Will Always Love You” immediately became her all-time favorite song and Whitney became her first musical driving force. She then discovered Billie Holiday and Dianah Washington, which are her inspirations to this day.
However, her ultimate influence was and always will be jazz music.
When she was just nine years of age, Angelina authored her very first book, making her the youngest published author countrywide.
Throughout her creative career, Angelina has been featured in prominent media outlets, including TIME Magazine, CNN, BBC, and People Magazine. She also
auditioned on the TV shows Little Big Shots and The View. Most notably, Angelina was the Winner of Norway’s Got Talent in 2014.
Additionally, Angelina has performed for the Rainforest Alliance at the American
Museum of Natural History, for 13 NASA astronauts in California, Ein Herz für Kinder in Berlin where she raised over 21 Million Euros for children and family in need, performed for Rotary in Seoul and she even performed for a Noble Peace Prize Winner.
To date, Angelina’s videos have received over 110 million views on YouTube and over 600 million views on Facebook. Her dream is to perform for the entire world and to sing endlessly.